Saturday, September 24, 2011

SWSE Kotor Session Summary #1

The introductory session ended with the Transporter, his ship and passengers ionized and and sinking below the surface of manaan following the escape pod our Dark Jedi friend barely escaped to after losing a battle with an unnamed Sith wearing red robes on his ship full of force 'zombies.'  Our Selkath Hero rounded up survivors and staged a rescue operation on the sinking ship such that it didn't impact the underwater laboratory.  They finished the session defending the researchers and other members of the order gathering supplies and research equipment from the rapidly flooding lab from a pack of enraged firaxan sharks.

Here's where they started:

"As the members of your order and the lab scientists hurry to get the research data, equipment and kolto reserves to the ship you are alerted by one of your underlings that Shasa is not with you. She was last seen swimming toward an underwater geyser calling out that she had seen the Progenitor. You grew up with Shasa, together you two were swayed by the Sith and captured until you were eventually freed by the one who you would eventually find out was Revan. Shasa, the strongest in the force of the Selkath, decided to mirror some of the Jedi teachings but adapted them culturally in order to protect Manaan's sovereign neutrality. Being force sensitive yourself you were the first member and her second and command. You are recalling this because you are faced with a difficult decision. The air lock was not intended to be used underwater and ferrying people and supplies on and off is starting to take it's toll, cracks are beginning to form and it won't be long before the entire hull of the ship becomes critical. That's not even counting the amount of water the ship took on when primary systems were knocked off line from the ion cannon. Will you abandon your friend or will you chase after her and the shadow of the progenitor."

The Selkath went off to find Shasa while the Dark Jedi accompanied feeling something tugging him at the force.  Our Zabrak pilot remained behind to keep the ship ready to go should a hull breach occur.  The Selkath found Shasa trying desperately to keep rubble from crushing the Progenitor (a massive firaxan shark who makes it's abode at the highest concentration of Kolto in the Hrakert rift) who in turn was shielding it's eggs below from the impending debris.  This led to unique situation because our Selkath hero wanted desperately to help but did not possess Move Object or suitable telekinetic power while our Khil Dark Jedi did.  Rather than help out the Dark Jedi bee-lined straight for the mysterious alien doorway at the sea floor.  Inside he discovered the a piece of the Star Map, a postcognition of both times Revan walked here and found some left over lightsaber parts, presumably ones Revan no longer needed.  Rather than cut and run the Dark Jedi did eventually come to the aid of Shasa and with an astounding roll saved both the Progenitor and it's eggs.  The underwater door was however covered in rubble.

Meanwhile, our Zabrak hero manages to get the engines started just in time as a giant underwater bottom feeder planned on making him his next meal.  With some daring piloting he lured the fish close before maxing out the afterburners frying it out and eventually ramming the creature putting, neutralizing it as a threat.  As the PC's were collected they prepared to leave.  They reached the surface and did not detect the StarForge Capitol ship in orbit.  They searched the wreckage of Ahto City for survivors which the order led down to the underwater colonies while the Zabrak found a crippled astromech droid that he failed to repair (Mechanics checks all have stupidly high DCs)  Shasa asked of our Selkath Force Adept to take revenge for the destruction of Manaan.

As the PC's departed they had a moment to reflect on Manaan, once the jewel of the Galaxy.  It was considered untouchable by both sides in the Jedi Civil War as anyone who would attack Manaan would in turn eliminate the flow of medical supplies to both sides of the conflict.  It would seem that this mysterious enemy is far less pragmatic and far more nihilistic.  They had to cut the melancholy short as the Sith Ship was hiding behind a nearby moon and they quickly jumped to hyperspace carrying the last major of shipment of kolto in the galaxy.

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