Monday, September 2, 2013

30 Days of D&D Challenge Day 1

A new month, a new challenger approaches.  The originator of this challenge over at the "Polar Bear Dreams and Stranger Things" has proposed that for the new month we answer thirty questions, some quick, some not so quick about our experiences and favorites in D&D.  Sounds like a great idea!  Especially for someone who could use a good kick into gear and get back to blogging more often.

Day 1 (A day late): How you got started

It was summer, I was about 9 or so.  One of the older kids at the daycare I was at shouted "Let's play D&D!"  Finally, I thought, I had seen my fathers books (and TSR's MSHRPG) on the shelf but he refused to let me play till I had passed the requisite 10 years and up printed on the front of the page.  We didn't have books, we didn't have dice, we had a DM and our pantomimed kungfu skills. 
Mortal Kombat was all the rage at the time so we each decided to play as a mortal combat character while the DM played as Raiden and our guide.  I don't remember much about what we did, but all that fake kungfu fighting eventually ending with me breaking my collar bone a month later.  Boys will be boys.

When I finally turned 10 my Father sat down with one of his old high school friends and introduced me to the world of OD&D.  My character was Lacon, a Fighter by trade and a farmboy at heart.  I had slain some goblins and was offered a job by the local baron as a Guard.  Not one to take easy money I decided to strike out on my own and gained a companion along the way.  At night on our journey we encountered a horde of zombies.  Being an impressionable youngster I had no idea what would kill a zombie so I decided to unload all my precious silver arrows on the horde. 

When the battle was done we found a nearby lair, dispatched a trio of ghouls (we got lucky for first level characters) and looted for treasure.  The die roll came up 00 as I recall and my Father quickly said "NO way am I giving you guys a Vorpal Sword off the bat!"  That was the closest I've ever been to a Vorpal sword.  I had high hopes for it.