Monday, January 9, 2012

Class Kitting on the Fly Test Run

Last time I talked about drafting up AD&D-esque class kits on the fly to personalize your player's character.  Here is what my players came up with.  These kits are applied to the the revised three base classes I talked about here.

After the break I'll detail the kits used for Treasure Hunter, Berserker, and Double Agent.

Treasure Hunter
Base: Rogue
Double hit dice (2d6 per level). Reroll 1s for HP
+2 all, saving throws.
Evasion - No damage or effects on a successful saving throw vs Breathweapons or Spells/Spell Like devices
Loses: Backstab
+10% Pick Locks
+20% Find and Remove Traps
-10% Pick Pockets
-10 % Move Silently

Base: Fighter
HP: Roll a 6, reroll (only once) and add to total.
Armor Restriction: Up to Hide
Unlimited Berserking:  Downside:  Loss of control.
  • +1 die of damage
  • Ignore first 5 wounds.  (Does not begin bleeding out until 6 or more wounds)  
  • Reduce all incoming damage by one. 

Double Agent
Base: Rogue
Double cross:  
  • Essentially gives a different qualifier for backstabbing.  Rather than being silently behind or surprising the opponent you merely need to double-cross or betray the target, often used with the Spy's impersonate ability.  You may also betray an (faux-)ally to save a failed skill check or conversation.
  • Replaces Backstab. 
Shock and awe
  • The Spy reduces common monsters/men Morale by their level and forces a morale check after performing any action that will shock, inspire fear, or awe their opponent.
  • Replaces Stunting.
Quick Draw - Make an immediate attack when combat starts.
Skill Swap:
  • Ambush sense.  
    • Replaces Hear Noise 
  • Impersonation:
    • Replaces Climb Walls
  • Breaking & Entering:
    • Replaces Pick Locks
  • Notice Fine Detail / Read People:  
    • After a successful check the DM will give the player a rundown of certain tells an NPC will engage in or parts of the scenery they may have missed on a cursory inspection.
    • Replaces Find and Remove Traps
  • Sleight of Hand:
    • Also used for concealing larger weapons
    • Replaces: Pick Pockets
  • Forgery
    • Replaces Move Silently
  • Impersonate
    • Allows the Spy to impersonate another character, such as a bandit's leader, a clerics superior, a common peasant, etc.
    • Replaces: Climb Walls
  • Seduce/Intimidate
    • Replaces:  Hide in Shadows

Looking over it now there are certainly a few cases where you are getting something for nothing, in fact it seems like each of these characters came out one ability ahead.  Fortunately, throughout the course of play nothing has been particularly unbalancing yet.

One thing I want to note is that they did not start with all these abilities, some of them picked up through play where an idea came to me or it seemed appropriate that they have this.  The Treasure Hunter having increased HP and luck (rerolling 1's) seemed like a good fit.  As well as the Spy getting an always strike first ability and the Berserker a very high potential hit points.

If there is one thing I can advise when trying out this system is to be flexible and ask your players to do the same.  There will be things that work well and those that aren't, and there will be things that you think of or are inspired by through the course of play.  It's been my opinion that game rules should be fluid and I hope I can translate that well to the system I am writing.

Adventures in Hommlet up next!

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