Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A&A Quickstart Guide Example Characters

Alright!  Posting daily has reminded how fun blogging can be.  Now to round off the Book of Earth I'm going to use the excerpts we've posted the last few days and walk through the character creation process.  For an experienced guy like me I can do this in about 3 minutes, for one of my regular players it can be done in about 15m or less which I'm happy to report meets my original design goal.

Monday, April 18, 2016

A&A Quickstart Guide: Fury of the Elements

So far we've talked about weaponry, a bit about armor and plenty about spells but in order to round out proficiencies we need to look into Elementalism, the focus of the game.  You may recall that like Magic the Elements respond to the lyrical tones of your voice whether it be a monk's chant, poet's verse or a bard's song.  Earlier we talked about the Elemental Crescendo, an all-purpose elemental attack option.  It is the gout of flame extending from your flying kick, the razor wind from your spinning staff, the jagged rocks sent skyward by your falling heel strike and the water mirroring your swaying and whipping arms.  It is unrefined, but it is effective.  Now we talk about the Fury of the Elements, that requires the training of a Channeler to call upon.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

A&A Quickstart Guide Cantrips (Back)

Alright, off-duty so it's time to finish off Cantrips.  This time we have PSI, Transmutation, Warding, Witchcraft and of course the rest of Lifa.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

A&A Quickstart Cantrips (Front)

I'm CDO so my quickstart updates will be infrequent and interrupted much like my sleep schedule for the next 48 hours shift.  Today we're going to talk about MAGICAL POWERS.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A&A Quickstart Guide Weapons

Alright!  This should be for a short post which is great for the work week.  Today we'll have a quick run through for choosing a weapon for your character.  Behold!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

A&A Quickstart Guide Character Creation (Back)

Following up from yesterdays post I'm going to walk through the back page of Character creation which for the most part deals with outfitting your character.  Part of my design is for rapid character creation, which means that rather than dealing with starting money you simply pick what you are outfitted with and then jump right into the game.  A character has four slots relating to his primary and sidearm weaponry and a backup for each.  A two-handed weapon occupies two slots which means you'll start with anywhere from 2 - 4 armaments.

A&A Quickstart Guide Character Creation (Front)

Since I've changed careers one thing I've missed is regular blog posting, both reading what the community puts out each week and what I can contribute to the circle.  Although my hours may be excessive nowadays I want to try and kick things off with a post per day this week and I figure the best way to do that is to talk about simple topics without delving too deeply into nitty gritty design like I have in the past.  Without further adieu I'm going to talk about a Quick Start guide I put together for the Avatar's & Annihilation rule set I put together.

Avatars & Annihilation (A&A) is a book saturated with the elements, player characters (Avatars) can breath fire, whip a lake into a frenzied whirlpool or restrain a muggers hand with nearby vines, likewise the monsters you will encounter are equally blessed with elemental essence often with more power than control.  That said A&A is divided into four parts and each one is named after an element.  The Book of Earth deals with Character creation.