Saturday, April 16, 2016

A&A Quickstart Guide Cantrips (Back)

Alright, off-duty so it's time to finish off Cantrips.  This time we have PSI, Transmutation, Warding, Witchcraft and of course the rest of Lifa.

Rounding out Lifa we have, Return to the Light, a spell to nullify around half of the status effects you can encounter and for any weird ailment the GM comes with it provides a 50% chance to remove it.  The third spell, Planetary Reclamation, allows you to cancel out someone else's battlefield control and absorb the elements to heal yourself.

PSI is one of my favorite schools boasting power psychic and psychokinetic abilities.  Telepathy is your standard mental communication useful in stealthy situations, when captured, separated or in the unthinkable splitting the party scenario.  Jaunt allows for a quick teleportation to escape or reach a difficult space that you can still see (a clever player may attempt to jaunt through a sniper hole to bypass a castle walls).  Lastly we have animate weapon, you can send this dancing sword to fight from a distance or keep it as a secondary weapon fighting alongside you adding ITS Attack bonus to the Combat Clash.

Next up we have the power of alchemists, Transmutation.  I envision transmutation mostly for modifying material properties but also allowing someone capable of occasional superhuman feats, in this case leaping over a small building in a single bound.  Poison/Purify is a good way to save yourself or to become a notable king slayer, be careful though, many with the patron element of Water are able to tell if Water is pure or not.  Lastly we have Rust, a walking terror to your veteran D&D player this spells transfers the power of one of the most dreaded monsters to the player.  Luckily our coveted magic arms and armor are safe, but everything else will soon crumble to red dust.

Warding is your all purpose defensive school of thought but still manages its own variety of offense by applying debilitating glyphs to change combat momentum.  Barrier creates a damage buffer against one type of damage (physical, magical or elemental) which is quite useful while Immunize makes the prepared adventurer that much better off when walking into a hazardous environments they gathered good intel on.  One thing to note is that any kind of spell does not last longer than a scene, so if you cast Immunize its useful life ends once a new scene or encounter begins.

Lastly we have Witchcraft which consolidates a few classic spells from common fairytales.  Being able to spy on someone with a lock of their hair, applying a malignant curse and of course less ominous spells like speaking with animals.

If you're looking for more spells of varying power levels and concepts be sure to check out the Vancian Spellstorming Session back here.

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