Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Run Zombie Run v0.2

So I've been looking over the zombie run rules I posted way back when and something immediately stuck out.  Of the attributes and skills, there were 5 attributes and 10 skills which could easily be organized into 2 categories:  conflict and patience.  Their names denoting when they are most often used.

So with that I thought what a perfect foundation for randomizing character creation.  And with a zombie apocalypse who knows who you are going to run into!  With that said here are the quick and dirty randomization rules.

Randomized Character Creation
Attributes. (All start at 1)
  • Roll a d6 per attribute which corresponds to it's value (up to 5).
  • For each 1 subtract 1 from either Panic or Luck. For each 6 add 1 to either Panic or Luck.
    • Panic & Luck have a possible value of -5 to 5.
Skills.  (Start at 0)  
  • Roll a d6 to see how many possible skills you have.
  • Determine how many skills you have in each category. Conflict or Patience.
  • Roll a d6 for each skill assigned per category, each skill in a category is labeled from 1-5.
    • Roll a 6 and you choose the skill.
    • If you roll the same skill twice, roll again or choose a different skill.
  • Once your skills have been determined roll a d6 with a 1-5 indicating value, and a roll of 6 allows you to assign one extra point to any other skill on the list.

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