Monday, July 9, 2012

Tandem Monsters: Daigol and Ozmone

Two freak storms weekend after weekend knocking out power for miles around sure is making it difficult to maintain an regular update schedule.

One thing I've always found intriguing is monsters that work well in tandem, whose abilities complement each other (often in tactical ways) or a pair that mitigate the weaknesses of each other.  These can lead to some interesting and memorable encounters.  This time we're going to look at two monsters that are distinctly opposite and are quite capable of covering each others vulnerabilities.  In fact, the key to defeating them is to divide and conquer.

Demon's Souls Penetrator Sculpture by futantshadow

Daigol and Ozmone
Two powerhouses leftover from the Sorcerous King's Army.   Daigol resembles a gargantuan knight towering over 12 feet tall.  Every portion of his behemoth bulk is covered in dull grey filigreed plate, its gauntlets are the color of pigiron and laced with green negating runes, a rams head helmet adorns its helm but nothing but inky blackness can be seen within, no eyes nor glowing orbs shine through.  It has the strength of 12 of men and wields an equally massive mountain of metal that could be called a sword if the edge were not blunt.  When wielded in two hands it rolls initiative as normal, when wielded in one-hand, which it will often do, it goes last in the round.  As for why it would use the weapon in one hand we'll have to take a look at Ozmone.

Ozmone resembles a giant floating dirty bath bubble.  It's coloration is a blackish purple with streams of green and red interspersed resembling anti-freeze in some respects.  The bubble is likely 15ft in diameter but it tends to expand and contract when absorbing and discharging magical radiation.  There is one distinct visual feature to Ozmone, located in the center of the front and back plane is a small dashed circle of silver.  It is through this circle that Ozmore discharges any absorbed magical radiation, and it is also the key to defeating this monster.  Should an element pass from one circle, through Ozmone then through the other circle Ozmone will pop showering the nearby area with corrupting magical energies.  There is one difficulty though, should Daigol keep one hand on a sphere it's anti-magic gauntlets will dissipate any element before it has had a chance to pass through the second circle, in fact trapping that energy within Ozmone for use in a retributive strike.  By itself Ozmone is harmless after it has discharged any radiation it has accumulated, with Daigol it is a nigh infinite battery for blasting away with magical death rays.

At this point it would appear to be best to separate Daigol from Ozmone, however, while its hand rests on Ozmone Daigol is capable of floating with our deadly bathsphere, putting him out of harms reach of most melee specialists and forcing a ranged game.  Ranged weapons pass harmlessly through Ozmone and rarely do more than scratch the surface of Daigol, so as you can see your players will be in quite a conundrum.  They must separate these two in order to defeat them, but doing so is half the battle. 

That's all for now, next week (hopefully back to my regular Sunday schedule) I'll work on getting this put into more concrete terms.

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