Thursday, July 11, 2013

Back to campaigning and looming October deadlines

This weekend will by my first D&D game in just about a year.  A lot has happened since then on this rollercoaster of life.  I'm excited to be back in the game, to gather round the table with friends I haven't seen in a while and rolling dice like the good old days.  It is also an opportunity to debut a new revision of the system I've been tinkering with for close to four years now.  Turns out taking time off gives you a new clarity towards what you were designing.

This system is sleek, swift (character creation promises to be superbly short), engaging, dangerous and with any luck an equivalent amount of tension.  Best of all, I managed to lay the foundation all in a pocket notebook, no more 100 page word documents weighing me down.  Since I plan on having this ready to publish by the end of October this is especially good news, the less bloat means it'll be easier to edit and publish.  At this point I'd just like to get in a healthy amount of playtesting and explore a few possible layout/publishing software; if you have any recommendations please do not hesitate, my only experience is with Scribus which I find particularly lacking.

Of course I still have quite a bit of prep work to do.  Creating character sheets, filling in a few gaps in the ruleset and above all game preparation.  The players are returning to the Temple of Elemental Evil.  It should be a blast!

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