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A&A Playtest Comet Dungeon 1.1 Initial Descent

Both groups, despite locating and scouting multiple entrances formed by the remaining fragments of the comet (spikes) that struck eventually ended up going through the front.  Since both teams hit a lot of the same content and made a lot of similar choices I'll be talking room layout and the highlights of each team.

Dungeon Entrance

Is blocked by a fallen log, further down the path is a way to drop down where the Comet Spike punctured

Murder Hobos
Fred the Smith easily chucks the fallen tree out of the way
Group moves forward towards the Comet Spike
A few painful randomly determined traps later they reach the Spike

Good Samaritans
Tiamult, crazed leader, nearly falls into gelatinous cube garbage chute.
Denna the bold scout is lowered in through the hole blown in the dungeon ceiling
Unfortunately the comet spike is as sharp as it is sleek
Stanley hops down to join Denna
Party moves to the entrance to regroup with their trapped party members
Captive brontosaurus used to bust up the fallen tree on entrance
All this rucks causes the highly trapped front entrance to arm and a few to trigger
Pressured flask of carbonite drops from ceiling
Stanley fires off the Spell "Edgar's Extended Intermission" to catch it
Party more careful about Dinosaur horseplay
Proceed to 10ft pole the hallway
Marshall Orvar uses the "Weighty Tome of Customs" to set off pressure plates
Party almost reunited, separated by another carbonite trap
Stanley has the brilliant idea to use all their blankets to fireman-catch the vial
DM rewards player ingenuity
Party acquires pressurized flask of carbonite

Each team's spellcaster copies down the magical inscription on this side of the spike
Dyne's Runaway Force acquired
Spell is cast on obelisk to move it from blocking the T intersection
The inscriptions on the obelisk cascade and multiple copies of the spell rocket the spike into the stratosphere.
Spike is sent hurtling off into the stratosphere
Along with the two other sides that bore magical inscriptions
Murder Hobos
Party finds two hidden passages on either side of the Obelisk
Torches thrown in are doused and slowly sink to the floor
Party correctly deduces there are Gelatinous cubes stuck inside (Garbage chute)
Murder Hobos play to their strengths and leave a trap for the other group
Jingle fires off Dyne's Runaway Force into the room while others quickly slam door shut.
Good Samaritans have a flood of invisible acidic gelatinous goo poised to slime whoever opens that door.
Denna the overly-cautious Scout manages to avoid death trap

Branching Paths

Good Samaritans
Party scouts up north, encounter fork in the road and voice in their head
Arch Demon demands to be set free.  Tiamult isn't playing ball.
ArchDemon casts "Fatal Friend" and Orvar nearly shoots off Tiamult's Head.
Shepherd Ashaw intervenes preventing partycide
Tiamult's new goal.  Demonslaying.

A Zoo?

Party heads back and west, encounters ornate door with animals on it.
"OOOH a Zoo!"
Party cautiously edges forward.  

Good Samaritans
Stanley deduces these Skeletons are simply servants
Both Denna the Scout and Marshall Orvar notice Snakehead creeping out to eat Stanley
In a garish surprise round both of them unload a full quiver of arrows into the dead snake
Stanley oblivious, tries to reason with mindless skeletons
Skeletons throw hands in air and runaway.
Straight to the Chimera release lever.
Party flees South
Chimera God of War III
Murder Hobos
Party creeps in, sees skeletal servants with silvery bones, some covered with space goo
Skellys rush at party, party pulverizes some skeletons
But wait, they're just running past them
Skeletons pull lever, opening cages
Two Chimera walk out
Party books it, flees North
Pemba the Juggler tosses a "Redstone" in the opposite direction
Lion head snatches it out of the air.  Explodes.
Remaining Chimera continues giving chase.
Part finds room with green, yellow and pink torches. 
No time for puzzles!
Party finds small side passage and shimmies through.
Snake head bites at Fred the Smith but finds naught but Armor
Party is Safe for now.


The Lab (South)

Party finds the resident Wizard's laboratory
A number of randomly generated potions are found and boldly tested.
A potion of healing, fire breath, 2x Slipperiness and  2x Charlie and Chocolate Factory Levitation
Remaining Skeletal servants armed themselves and bumrush the party
They are no match for Jingle the Carny's Wind magic nor Shepherd Ashaw's Pollax

Guest Room (Furthest South)

Party finds the ancient remains of the dungeons guests.
Occupants were trapped here by Skeletons and Chimeras and could not leave due to Demon's Curse
A pair of fighters were brought in to test the Wizard's Chimeras
A pair of on-and-off lovers stayed with the wizard
Lastly a contemporary and master of artifice stayed here
He crafted the mechanical and sygaldry binding the Demon here, it even mentions a release lever if the spell cannot be reversed
Party gathers Silver weaponry and gets back to Demonslaying
Bottle Gnomes abacus by HturtSeil

Behind the Curtain (North)

 Party finds itself surrounded by Bottle Gnomes.
These potion fueled automotons are repairing dungeon traps.
Murder Hobos
Pemba acquires some arrows, Fred grabs a flask of carbonite.
Throws Bottle gnome as bait followed by carbonite.
No Snake present.  Just shattered bottle gnomes.
Remaining gnomes flee workshop into gnome sized maintenance tunnels.
Good Samaritans
Tiamult the Vengeful experiements by removing the head from a bottle gnome
The potion fizzles and bubbles out of the now lifeless automotan
Bottle Gnomes flee
Remains are offered, gingerly taken expecting a trap. 
Party feels bad and leaves

Portal Fun

Heading North party finds hexagonal room 
4 torches line opposite sides, two pink, one yellow, one green

Good Samaritans
Denna attempts to use her Periscope through the Yellow Door.  Goes catatonic as portal madness takes hold
Marshall Orvar explores the green warp door
Does not return
Party bickers
Faithful Ashaw ties a rope around his belt and dashes through
Tiamult takes Denna and goes through the yellow door, leaving the rest for dead
Ashaw finds Orvar battling a Hammergolem covered in Spacegoo
Party loses some weapons to spacegoo
Stanley arrives in the nick of time to save the day
Downing potions of Levitation and their innate Wind connection the party narrowly escapes with their lives

Murder Hobos
No time for puzzles!
Fred walks through Yellow Torch
Parties flourishing carny loyalty takes hold and they follow


Party finds itself in futuristic chamber with shiny metal walls and console in front of it
An inscription on the left console congratulates them on completing the first puzzle
Two remain.  Incorrect answer will release the Nova Armor MK III to annhilate them
Party notices laminated power armor held by wires behind glass tube off to side
Fred tries to break glass, wrenches arm in proccesss as it bounces off
Party moves to second console and easily guesses riddle
Party moves to third console.  Hits button and plays Asteroids.

Murder Hobos
Pemba the light fingered easily dispatches the foolish monochrome meteors
His Agility and Perception are increased as a result
Good Samaritans
Denna and Tiamult tap out to use the parties remaining Intrepid Dice to narrowly beat the game on their last life

Arcade machine now a teleportation circle
Party investigates three of the four rooms collecting magic? items
Party checks out room 0.  Finds maintenance room.
Loots plenty of fancy screwdrivers to deliver to eccentric billionaire curious of what mysteries lie in the comet
Finds a curious box with a button.
Presses button.
Holographic image of the Eien the Grey Cat Unstuck from time flashes up asking for commands

Murder Hobos 
Ask service code access to Nova Armor
DM congratulates the crafty hobos on this unexpected request
Party gets 3/4 code.
Party blindly guesses right remaining number.
Party acquires powered armor two small for them to wear (not that they know how to open it).
Fred detaches a pair of beamsabers from its back and starts lugging around the Nova Armor

Party moves to room 3, a one way teleporter leading to the resident Wizards secret chambers.
Tiamult becomes unstuck from time, begins traveling between each parties dimensions
Party loots Wizards secret bed chamber
Finds that he had trapped the Arch Demon here
BUT!  through a loophole the Arch Demon also bound everyone else here.  
No one living can escape.
Session Closes

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