Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A to Z Challenge: C is for Catalysts

After voting and preparing dinner I have a limited amount of time left so today will be a short post.  Hopefully tomorrows will be a bit longer.  Today though I want to talk about Catalysts, the items a magic-user wields to either activate or strengthen their magic.  Wands and staves are rather prolific but I'd like to take a moment to examine more rustic and improvisational items for your elementalist mage.

Now catalysts are so named because they speed up a reaction producing more results in the same time frame.  In this game a Catalyst is something a magic-user wields to better control the element they are interacting with.  In short, a catalyst gives a degree of sympathetic magic.  This means that the more similar the item (catalyst) is to the element the greater you are able to control it.

Say you're hedge wizard is trying to animate a trees branch, twisting into the way of a fleeing rider.  If his catalyst is a staff, or even a branch in a pinch, he is more likely to succeed.  Furthermore, if the wood is made from the same type of tree as the one he is trying to manipulate, it is all but guaranteed to succeed.  The same could be said for a pyromancer using charcoal to control a roasting pit or a water wizard whose wand has a globe tip filled with pure spring water rippling waves in a pristine lake.  The more similar the item to one you are using the quicker you are to assert control over it.

Sorry for the brief and vague post, I promise tomorrow will be a monster of a post.  Now if you'll excuse me I have to stifle some maniacal laughter.