Saturday, April 21, 2012

A to Z Challenge: R is for Rocket Propelled Lances

Valkyria Chronicles may be the first place I ever encountered the idea of a projectile lance.  I think it is an excellent idea.  Valkyria Chronicles (VC) came out early on in the PS3 lifecycle, it took a new look at conventional strategy games and tried merging a few of the better parts of turn based and real time strategy to a decent success.  Aside from the gorgeous art style (simulated watercolor motion picture) what really stood out to me were the knights armed with lances facing off against tanks, little did I know these lances could be fired like rockets.

It isn't known exactly what powers these absurd weapons but judging from the emissions it is either a chemical trail like a rocket or even a huge burst of steam.  I'm not willing to count out Ragnite either, the all-purpose energy-resource macguffin of the VC universe.  Still I think rocketing lances as a siege weapon, either for destruction or for sending up chains, would be an excellent addition to any game dancing with steampunk elements.