Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A to Z Challenge, O is for Origin

NausicaƤ and the Valley of the Wind

Today I'm going to talk about Origins.  An Origin fulfill three major rolls, first it tells everyone where you're from.  Second, it tells everyone what you used to do before you assumed the adventuring mantle and it gives an idea of what hidden talents you bring to the table.  Lastly, your Origin determines which element you have forged the strongest connection.

You see in this world elemental forces are ingrained into the very landscape and in the fantastical locales that dominate the scenery.  Those that take up residence near these places thrives and over time begin to share an affinity with their patron element.  The children born there share characteristics with their patron element and over many generations they form a bond so strong that the element runs through their very veins altering their physiology, their temperament, and their spirits.  

You're Origin encapsulates who you were and where you were from.  It includes your background which in turn shows what areas you hold an edge or at the very least a fighting chance.  Lastly it is a declaration of your patron and favored element, the fire that burns in your chest, the wind that rustles your hair, your eyes as blue as the ocean and your body as solid as oak.

When you take an Origin of Fire you are not merely saying that you have an affinity for fire.  You are saying that you grew up in the land of fire where smoke fills the sky, brimstone assails the nose, volcano's rage creating new islands, geysers spew forth magma in the distance and the land underneath is is smooth, and holed with layers of pumice and ash broken up by streams of obsidian.  You may be a blacksmith who plies his craft beneath the shadow of the molten mountain or perhaps a machinist from the land of cracked plains and smoke-top mountains.  Perhaps instead you hail from another part of the world, you spent your youth transporting cargo among the docks in the endless stretch of Cities by the Sea.  Perhaps instead it was a peaceful life for you as a shepherd or miller in the remote Vally of the Wind.  Your Origin is where you decide to color your past to bolster your present and prepare you for the future.