Saturday, July 30, 2011

MSHRPG Session # 1.5

As it had gotten into the wee hours of the morning I thought it best to split the introductory session in two.  Where we last left off Dolphin Ladd found himself waist deep in a fishy conspiracy while Rocco the Rockem Sockem robot found himself battling a juggernaut of twice his weight class.  Now we continue with Chameleoraptor.

Nightfalls and the morlocks emerge from a nearby manhole and track Eelman under cover of night to a large warehouse connected to a nightclub.  Wasting no time Chameleoraptor let loose a wash of acid on the bay doors eating through the steel alloy in mere moments.  The morlocks rush in to a completely flabbergasted room of henchman loading aquatic tanks onto large freighter trucks.  Not worried about impending karma loss the Morlocks immediately set into a melee and the thugs are soon reduced to melted puddles.

Meanwhile, Dolphin Ladd takes the unconscious fishy men and looks for an escape route.  Heading towards the back he hears gun fire and the screams of many below so he quickly heads back to the front where he came in.  Before heading out he has the brilliant idea to use his water manipulation to send water hurtling out of the sprinkler system.  Much to his dismay, the club owner had fake ones installed.  After all, who would want water raining down onto their electrified fighting ring.  Speaking of fighting rings..

Rocco was on the receiving end of three tons of hydraulic force battering him into the corner.  Fortunately his electricial absorption provided him a brief respite rather than shocking him into submission as his foe wanted.  Spring back into action he used his lighter frame and remarkable agility to leap onto the Crushinators shoulders, toppling him and proceeding to wail into him but due to the thick armor his blows had little effect.  The crushinator took the opportunity to throw Rocco into the spiked ceiling above but after botching the roll sending Rocco only most of the way up, Rocco decided to increase his density and crush the crushinator underfoot.  The crowd is stunned and he and his owner are compensated heavily.  Hoping to use this as the perfect time to burst the pipes Dolphin is dismayed to notice the pipes being hollow.  Before heading back in the secret laboratory to regroup and re-plan he sees a pair of thugs with Dragon Tatoos from earlier follow Rocco and his trainer out.

Dismayed Dolphin Ladd heads back to see if the fighting quieted down but doesn't hear the henchman behind him until just as their stun batons turn on.  He wakes up strapped down to an operating table with the Club Boss hovering over him tapping his diamond crusted cane onto the floor.  Looking around he sees the dissected results of failed experiments and hears the plan of the Club Boss to create a temporary superpower drug.  Before revealing who his benefactor is the door gets kicked in and the lights go out.  The vengeful morlocks storm in and wreak havoc in the place.  They grab the their fishy friends strapped to the table and that strange guy in tights too.  They quickly escape into the sewers.

Meanwhile, Rocco and his trainer Stewart on their way home talking about the fight and how Rocco had to activate his density manipulation so early in his career.  Stewart is disappointed he's having this much trouble already before they're interrupted by the Dragon tattooed thugs.  Stewart tells him to split up and run and meet back at the rendezvous point, a train station.  Hours later as dawn broke, Rocco quietly left the train station knowing that a robot cannot be unaccompanied in daylight.  He returns to the scene of the crime to see a charred corpse.  Taking the body of his presumed trainer he drops into the nearest sewer vent only to fall into the middle of a morlock raiding party.  After some tense moments they agree to discuss the particulars in the safety of their watery abode.

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