Saturday, April 7, 2012

A to Z Challenge, G is for Ghouls!

by DavidRapozaArt

After Delta created a poll on which aspects (history lesson ahoy!) of Ghouls he should keep in his Book of War I realized how much fun Ghouls were as a monster.  Or at least, I realized how much fun it would be to sick these undead maulers on my players.  Here's how Ghouls are run in my game of 3d6 D&D, feel free to try them out in your game.  Fortunately for me they are going to kick off the upcoming session of my LL game.

Ghastly Ghouls
  • 3 HD creature & 3 attacks a round (claw, claw bite), each dealing a d6 of damage
  • Rend  
    • If both claws hit the target the Ghouls goes in for the kill and immediately deals 1d6 Wounds
    • If the Ghouls is grappling with the target they automatically rend when they lose  that round of grappling
  • Paralysis
    • If the Ghoul bites the target and deals a Wound they must Save vs Paralysis or be paralyzed for 1d6 minutes
    • If grappling the Ghouls bite attack deals damage to Wounds whenever they win that round of grappling
  • Feast
    • If the Ghouls has fed recently they move faster than normal
    • If the Ghouls has fed recently it can only be killed by a called shot to the head
      • Otherwise it will claw and bite regardless of limbs or damage
  • Morale & Turning
    • Ghouls merely wait at the edge of a Turn attempt rather than flee
    • Ghouls are immune to morale effects if they have the hunger
      • The hunger also decreases intelligence and thus tactics (flanking is the best they can achieve)
  • Sunlight Blindness
    • They are blinded anytime they are experienced to bright light for the round
    • If the light persists they have a -1/die to hit (-3 typically)


  1. Love the Ghouls.

    I'm also using them in an upcoming Labyrinth Lord game!

    Post from my last game session:

    1. Glad you like them and I'm glad to hear you have a game starting. Let me know how they fare and whether or not your player's are permanently terrified of Ghouls, hah!