Friday, April 13, 2012

A to Z Challenge, L is for Lesser Spells (Vancian Redux)

A good ways back I put together a compilation of suggestions for a reworking of Vancian magic and how I would attempt to accomplish those suggestions.  A bit later I posted a trio of vancian inspired spells and

These three will also be lesser spells, in my Vancian redux spells are categorized as either Lesser or Formidable.  Lesser spells generally have incredibly specific purposes to suit the enterprising young magician willing to solve all their mundane problems with a rhyme and a gesture.  Last time I focused on Spells named after famous magicians with varied usage.  This time I'll be posting spells with very, very specific usages.  I've been up since well before the sun rose so I'll be keeping the descriptions very brief.

Dodon's Curious Guiding Somnambulism
This spell allows the caster to take control of any sleeping, upright target and to guide their dreamwalking.  If the spell backfires the caster is trapped in the subjects dream until they lead them out of it.

Charm of the Sudden Racuous Jest
The caster causes a noisy bit of guffawing and laughter to accompany his joke or jab regardless of value.  The noise emanates from within the nearest crowd making it difficult for those inside or outside to determine who started the laughter.  If the spell backfires then the laughter is instead directed at the caster rather than his intended victim.

Hollis' Redolant Trick
Makes the target smell of a particular food.  Whether that food is appetizing or not towards the nearest predator is entirely up to the caster.  If it backfires the caster is infused with the aroma for the next week.

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  1. Really like the dream spell because it opens up some interesting world building opportunities in the backfire.