Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentines Adventure Hook (2014)

The PCs arrive at Thistlehook an abandoned village deep in the Antilles mountain range.  Much to their surprise the uninhabited city has a striking number of guests.  A cadre of Rangers are in attendance for a wedding of true love between two of their members.

The PC's are invited to assist with preparations otherwise they may explore at their leisure although the Rangers will mention to them that this location was chosen as it is the home of their ancestors who fled for reasons unknown.  The PCs naturally on the look out for Lore and Treasure will explore and may even split up to assist with preparations to the DM's glee.

If the PCs are exploring amongst many of the long vacant homes they will find some old journals that mention the kings madness and a final resting place for all kings of Antilles.  No sooner do they finish reading than the brute squad cometh.  Surprise attack by a host of crude ghosts, poltergeists, spectres and your preferred incorporeal undead attack the PCs. 

At least one of the PC's that assist with the preparations will be captured by the biggest Brute of them all along with the Groom as the Rangers and Bridge beat a hasty retreat when Wraiths on Black Horses beset them.  They escape, torches at the ready speaking in the old tongue they keep many of the ghosts emerging from forgotten homes at bay until they find the one safe place in this haunted town, a pristine mausoleum untouched by weather or errant hands.  The PC's that were exploring will hear the sounds of battle and will either meet up with the escaping rangers before or after the hallowed ground of the mausoleum (or they can continue exploring a ghost infested burial ground apparently).

The Mausoleum is the tomb for all kings of the Antilles Mountain range although the coffins on the uppermost level are all opened and the murals on the wall closely match the garb of the black riders above.  If the PC's and Company make their way to the very bottom they will find the tomb of Biggsmandias King of Kings, look on my works ye mighty and despair!  In his final resting place is his sword, Andúril a Holy Avenger that can be wielded only by his bloodline (presumably the Bride, or surprise twist an orphaned/nomad PC!)  Armed with this ghost thrashing, Nazgul Black Rider dehorsing weapon the PC's and Company are now able to challenge the host of ghouls & ghosts above.  They may slay them all or they may walk safe in the Holy Avengers glow straight to the Wedge the Mad, Last King of Antilles and duel him for his crown or try to bring reason into that insane head of his.

Also, it'd probably be a good idea to save the Groom too.

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