Friday, January 31, 2014

Random Dungeon Generator Woes

After a long week of back breaking labor I was inspired to do some mapping to ease up, relieve some tension and get the creative juices flowing.  I busted out the Random Dungeon Generator Poster by Paul Hughes and got to work.  After a series of unfortunate rolls over the course of an hour I ended up with a very small, very empty dungeon.  After the initial onset of giant rats players can expect to run down a number of dead ends, find no secret doors, walk down an empty hall of giants leading into an equally empty room and one day encounter a fire beetle the treasure chamber.  Inside they can look forward to 100 pp, 1000 copper in metal urns and treasure chests guarded by a gas trap and a poisonous needle.

For anyone else planning on following the Random Dungeon Generator Poster I recommend you avoid starting near an edge of the page.  If you end up unlucky like me start rolling a few d20 at each junction and pick a result that doesn't result in a completely barren dungeon.  Next time I think I'll handle the layout and let the poster determine the contents.

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