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A&A School of Magic: PSI

Mentok by InsomniaArtist
Psionics are a touchy inclusion for a lot of D&D connoisseurs.  Understandable, most Psionic handbooks published so far don't fit my image of a Psionic.  For me when I think Psionics I think controlling things with your mind so the School of Magic involving Psionics is one part mind push, another part Mentok the Mind Taker.

Lesser spells are narrow in scope, some provide fine control others are sudden surges of force both of which are endemic to the untrained Psionicist.  Formidable spells stretch the limits of what the body and the mind are capable of, allowing for mental domination, superhuman prowess and reality warping.

  • ESP
    •  Opening your mind you are able to experience auditory, visual or temporal stimulation at random for nearby locations and brief snippets of the future.  Such as the auditory conversation in a room next door, the visual contents of a locked chest or a brief glimpse of your mugging thirty seconds from-
  • Befuddled Train of-                                                    Save Negates: Discipline
    • The target immediately loses their train of thought and pauses their action.  Their blank mind can no longer be affected by Mind-Influencing effects for a d6 rounds.
  • Telepathy  (Concentration)                                         Save Negates: Discipline
    • You and a target of your choice can communicate with only your minds for as long as you maintain concentration.  Distances greater than a small Hamlet require some manner of Focus.

Neku and Shiki, Temporarily Psi Gifted Youths.  The World Ends With You
Lesser Spells
  • Anabel’s Hurled Cutlery  (Concentration)
    • Optimally cast in a kitchen this spell levitates all nearby sharpened objects into a cloud of knives the caster can direct, firing off a few a time or all at once.  The number of dice rolled for the Ranged Attack varies on how many are being thrown.  The spell is maintained for as long as Concentration is held and new Cutlery when encountered can be added to the cloud.
      • Some Intrepid Adventurers have opted to use a personal Totem in place of the many pronged cloud of death.  This totem Fights in place of them, mimicking their actions with the force of their mind powering the miniature figurines limbs fighting as effectively as their controller.
  • Dyne’s Runaway Force                                                            Save Negates:Guts
    • Power is what he had, control is what Dyne needed.Surging forward with the strength of Ox an invisible force plows into the hapless foe forcing them backwards until they are able to shrug off the sudden impact and regain their footing.  The amount of distance pushed back is equal to the difference between their Failed Saving Throw and the Danger Level.
      • Some reckless individuals have casted it upon themselves becoming a runaway train with no chance of course correction or targeting as the human battering ram surges forth.  Some even manage to survive.
  • Kinetic Warning (Reaction)                                                      Save Negates: Reflexes
    • Once cast this spell remains active for an Encounter and can be activated as a Reaction.  Sensing an incoming missile the user reacts subconsciously sending the object hurtling away.
      • At the cost of an Intrepid Die the object is reflected back at the original source who can avoid the sudden turnabout with a Reflexes Save.
  • Prescience (Reaction, Concentration)
    • Continuously seeing a brief moment into the future the caster is untouchable on defense, cannot be snared by traps and cannot be fooled by mere tricks with a +5 modifier to Defense and Saving Throws and are Immune to Critical Hits.  This drains the mind considerably and for each round the caster maintains this state their HP is reduced by an additional 1.
  • Mime’s Imprisonment                                                            Save Negates: Discipline
    •  Trapped in a cage of invisible force the target must feel around for the equally obtuse and invisible lever to release them from their imprisonment.  It takes d6 rounds or a successful Discipline Save to escape unless the target is willing to test their brute strength against the caster's iron will.
Formidable Spells
Tesuo, Akira
  • Astral Shift
    •  The caster takes all combatants nearby and a significant stretch of land into the Astral Plane.  Everything appears the same but all collateral damage done here will not carry over to the Physical world unless the caster is killed during the spells duration.  In the Astral plane movement is not restricted by Gravity, Physical damage is halved, Mana flows freely and Upwellings are not required for a Higher Circle Fury.
  • Fatal Friend                                                                        Save Negates: Discipline
    • The caster dominates the mind a target causing them to turn on their friends in the most violent manner possible.  It can occur immediately or a sudden onset could happen later should a trigger word or image awaken the sleeping betrayer within the target.
  • Limitless
    • The spell lasts for the duration of an Encounter.  When activated the caster ignores the Rule of Three for any Standard Dice roll.  The immense physical strain on the body immediately deals one Wound to the caster each time they soar past their limits.

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