Thursday, January 9, 2014

A&A School of Magic: Chronomancy

Poster Punch: Chrono Trigger by ZeroCartin

Time travel is a fun concept but often a difficult one to wrap your head around.  Still there are many avenues to approach when dealing with the flow of time.  There are several spells that already deal with time, haste, slow, time stop and similar but I wanted to look at different ways of altering time.  Borrowing time, altering one's perception of the flow of time, altering times lines, reversing aging, tearing the space time continuum and creating time paradoxes.  All of that within reason of course.

  • Interrupting Circadian Cicadas
    • Kept awake by the most beautiful of noises the caster forgoes sleep for the next day at the cost of their sanity and concentration.
  • Edgar’s Extended Intermission
    • Edgar was always known for his last minute saves, little did they know how much extra time he eked out of those final moments.  Any tasks that must be completed within a set time period can be extended by a finite amount of time no longer than a minute. 
  • In Due Time
    • Everyone's time must come to pass eventually.  The caster forgoes their immediate rendezvous with the reaper for but a few moments more; ignoring their own death to complete a final task with a few borrowed minutes.

Cyborg 009: Acceleration Mode
  • Abounding Rifts
    • Dimensional rifts are ripped open across the field allowing for a short range teleport across them.  Six rifts numbered 1-6 are randomly opened across the field, the caster and any versed in the art of Chronomancy may use any rift to travel directly to another rift.  Anyone else entering a rift rolls a d6 and exits from a rift matching the number rolled.  Minions have a bad habit of not coming out the other end.
  • Rejuvenation
    • Rewinding the clock the target is cured of all wounds but in return they are 1d6 years younger.  If this spell is cast on someone who has already received it's effects it backfires and the caster is aged 3d12 years.
  • Accel Mode
    • Pausing time for all but themselves the caster makes three actions and movements that happen simultaneously.  The price for this accelerated action is half of their current HP and Reserves.  Spellcasting and Channeling are not allowed for those three actions.
  • Dimensional Decade Swap
    • Weak and inexperienced who better to face this challenge than your future self.  This spell temporarily* swaps you with yourself from 10 years down the line for ten minutes.  Roll a d6
      • On a roll of 3-6 you gain a boost in raw levels equal to the number rolled.  
      • A roll of 2 indicates you are a retired washed up chump at half your current level.
      • On a roll of 1 your future self is dead and you are now stuck in the future*.
  • Clef's Exhaustive Effort  (Concentration)
    • With leadened limbs and a muddled mind the weary target finds every action draining as their perception of time slows to a crawl.  Every action or movement the target makes reduces their HP by 1 while under the effects of this spell, unfortunately the caster's concentration will take the same toll on them.
The continued adventures of Dinosaur Warlock

  • Clashing Titans
    • If you want something done right do it yourself.  The caster summons themselves from 5 minutes into the past.  There is a 50% chance the pair will fight each other upon initial encounter for 1d6 rounds, afterwards they team up into an unstoppable dynamic duo.  Note if the incarnation from the past dies then their present self also ceases to exist.
  • Gateaux’s Chronojuncture
    • The clock slowly stops ticking, portals across time are reopened and a nexus is formed when the spell finishes its final syllable.  Mythical beasts and Legendary figures are pulled from their respective times.  They have no master but each is a force to be reckoned with.  Be they friend or foe depends on the caster's own journeys through time and whether they have acted as savior or doomsayer.
  •  Ersatz Perseverant Moment
    • "Strike me down and I will become-" No time for altruism thinks the Chronomancer.  Taking a one and only trip back through time the Chronomancer replaces a dear friend with a sacrificial imitation altering the flow of time and bringing them back from the dead.  The world needs this hero for a little while longer.

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