Sunday, January 26, 2014

Avatar's & Annihilation R&D Update: January 2014

January is coming to a close so it's time for me to assess how much I've accomplished in the limited time I have remaining.  This proved to be a hectic month for me, work hit crunch time and my project came into full focus with an encroaching deadline and fixing the many mistakes and delays of people who have dropped the ball once or thrice.  Design engineer, project manager, facilities engineer, security planning, I'm wearing a lot of hats right now but I'm enjoying every minute of it.

Unfortunately, 11 hour days, being on call throughout most the night and generally busting my ass at work and maintaining my relationships doesn't leave me a whole lot of time.  One of the things I wanted to do to keep myself on track was to finish up the spell list which had been a perpetual thorn in my side for quite some time.  Expect a post explaining spell casting soon.  Creating rather than editing really enlivened me and has given me some semblance of hope that I'll get this done on time.  Well, I have faith in my layout editor, we'll see what he comes up with.

In the follow-up post to this I'll be putting up an excerpt from the books Introduction explaining the name of this book patterned after numerous other retroclones that came before it.

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