Sunday, January 26, 2014

Avatars & Annihilation: Introduction

Precursors and Avatars

Where are we?
We are in the aether between worlds and ages. The world went dark and everything you know has faded away. Your world was destroyed. You have failed.
Who am I?
You are a Precursor.
What is an Precursor?
You are the spirit of a past age. When the world needed you most you failed. With the Will to Power in hand you could not avert the catastrophe that devoured your world. Time passed and the world has come calling again. It is up to you to prevent that from happening again.
How can I do that?
Find a worthy mortal vessel to be the host for your restless spirit. You will inspire them to new heights, to succeed where many fail. They will be your Avatar and together amidst the strife of ages and the nihilistic populace you will stop this cycle of annihilation.
And if I fail?
Then the cycle repeats itself. Across dimensions the multitude of worlds are heading to a singularity of nothingness. A void across space and time. We are approaching the final cycles.
And who are you?
I am the Grand Maestro, the events are all in place as I have dreamed, I merely set them in motion. One domino at a time. That is my purpose, an impartial referee with the hope that something here will last.

Atma and Mortality

Much of the world is populated by mortals, as you once were. When a Mortal becomes your vessel you become one. No longer are you adrift in the sea of Aether, instead you may perceive the world as you once did. You and your mortal have the power to change things, together, as an Avatar.

Atma is within each mortal, it is the purest expression of self and soul. For a Mortal to become a Precursor’s Avatar one of three things must happen. In the first the Precursor appears to them in a dream; hearing their plight the mortal's heroic soul wishes to avert the cataclysm poised to annihilate their world and so the two join forces. In the second case the mortal ally of an Avatar has died and a Precursor may replace the mortal's Atma with themselves giving new life to a fallen friend and forming a new Avatar, albeit one with a melded personality. Should the unthinkable happen and your Avatar dies you must find a new vessel using the above methods.

The third transformation is most abhorrent; the mortal’s Atma is subverted or worse, destroyed as the Precursor steals their vessel. Only one devoted to nihilism can do this, these Precursors are called Annihilators. For what purpose they act is beyond my breadth of knowledge but know that at one point you will encounter them. Avatar’s know when they have met one another after they have crossed blades, but an Annihilator never reveals their true form until it is too late. The Avatar’s around the table today are to be trusted but be wary of those you meet in your travels. Treachery hides behind false friends.

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