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A&A School of Magic: Warding

Spells of Warding

Spells to protect seekers of arcane knowledge and mystical secrets.  They allow one to pass by unhindered through realms both physical and mental.  They confer protection from both spell and steel.  They are traps for the foolish and glyphs that strip the potency of the even the most fearsome foe.  They require preparation and foresight but their benefits are worth the planning.

Arya Burrito by Ybee

  • Burrito Bedroll                                                    Save Negates: Guts, Concealed Weapons
    • The caster spies the unsuspecting sleeper comfortable in their woolen cocoon when suddenly the bedroll springs to life, rolls over and over until the unfortunate sleeper is trapped in their rolled bedroll. 
      • Some Intrepid Casters have managed to activate this spell on an exceptionally long Cape, Mantle or Cloak.
  • Clef’s Proven Dreamwalker Dweomer
    • The caster or a willing target is able to enter the dream of a nearby sleeper perhaps to acquire sensitive information, implant an idea in their head or rescue them from a nightmarish curse. They must tread carefully for the sleeping mind is a dangerous thing and the sleeper is the god of their own dream, provided they realize it.
  • Spell of the Lonesome Road                             
    •  So long as the caster or intended recipient sticks to the road they will not be bothered and go unnoticed by most bandits and fell beasts.  This has no effect if the caster is traveling with companions or on a mount.

Cherubim Gundam Model

Lesser Spells
  • Runes of Protection
    • A spell for the well informed Magi.  A Rune of Protection can be bestowed upon a person or an object and for the remainder of the day they are immune to a specific Lesser spell named at casting.
  • Pandora Chains
    •  Strong enough to bind the world's evils or a broken heart.  The caster creates a square glyph on the ground invisible to all but the caster and those pure of heart.  Whenever a Unholy, Soulless, or creature with a dark and hardened heart steps on the glyph it activates sending unending chains of infinite length and strength from the ground and the sky to fully [Bind] the target.  They cannot move nor act for a d6 rounds but the chains also protect them from harm.
  • Ignescent Writ                                                                       Save Halves: Reflexes
    • "You should not have read this."  A split second after reading the inscribed barely legible words the spell activates exploding right in the face of the poor reader and any close by for 4d6 damage.
  • Dyne’s Potent Galvanized Sheath
    •  The casters body is coated in a layer of corrosion resisting metal.  In addition to their short term acid resistance, they are treated as if armored in Plate Mail, and any creature unable to bear the touch of Iron cannot physically interact with them. 
    • The cost of this transformation is the mind-numbingly slow pace of the Caster's movement due to the extreme weight of an Iron body and the increased susceptibility to Electricity with a -5 on Saving Throws and double damage received.
  • Cherubim Aegis
    •  The caster summons a number of glowing shields that flit about protecting him and an ally of his choice.  He may sacrifice another spell slot to completely negate anything targeting him or that ally.  Sacrificing this spell ends the effect afterwards.
Aurora by NASA Helios

Formidable Spells
  • Egon’s Nullifying Pattern
    • A Sea of Lights surround the caster for the remainder of a Scene.  While active the Caster is immune to all spells, elemental furies and spell like abilities.  The pattern itself can be nullified with the right sequence of spells or elements.  Three spells from three different schools with a random order at each casting determined by the Game Maestro.  The spells do not necessarily need to target the caster and can instead be sacrificed to push forward past the next layer of the pattern.  Alternatively and perhaps easier the light pattern can be dispelled with the right combination of color-coded elemental effects.
  • Sigil of the Startling Dawn
    • The caster meticulously draws an ornate sun cresting the horizon on the ground.  When activated it is as if True Dawn is emitting from the Sigil.  All undead in its presence must flee at the first rays of sunlight or begin disintegrating each turn thereafter.  Other manner of unholy and fell beast that cannot withstand the Suns rays must also flee or fall victim to its effects.
    • All creatures that have recently perished may resurrect as their souls follow the guiding light back to their bodies.  Those recently transformed into undead instead revert back to their mortal status.
  • Mwu’s Gyroscopic Imprisonment  (Concentration)                  Save Negates: Reflexes.  
    • Tracing out a pattern of peculiar circles the slow-footed target that sets foot on this Glyph is cast into the air and begins violently spinning in a multitude of directions for a minimum of d6 rounds.  At the end of which the target must makes a Guts Save or fall unconscious, success indicates they are painfully ill and unable to stand.  Should the caster wish to continue the imprisonment with concentration the spinning continues until the target no longer finds themselves in one piece.  
    • Interacting with someone gyroscopically imprisoned is very dangerous, attacking one may kill the target but also rip your arms off, a missile weapon may ricochet in any unforeseen direction and trying to rescue them could also trap you as well.

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