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A&A School of Magic: Enchantment



  • Miere’s Assuaging Effulgence
    • A simple cantrip from one of the first magicians, although many will say she did naught but dabble.  This spell grants a soothing glow when those around are most anxious.  A fail-safe for when sudden winds blow out your torch or when the sun fearing beasts of the Wyld are upon your trail.
      In recent years many an unscrupulous Wizard have adapted what was once a pristine spell into a trifling set of mood lighting.  The old farmer's adage still holds true today, never leave your daughter round any that don a robe and wizard hat.
  • Dodon’s Curious Guiding Somnambulism (Concentration)
    • This spell allows the caster to take guide the movement of any sleeping, upright target.  If the spell backfires the caster is trapped in the subjects dream until they lead them out of it.
  • Dyne’s Canopied Caboose (Concentration)
    • While developing his repulsive field Dyne spent a great deal of time on levitation endurance training with a linguistically backwards goblin riding on his back. Able to maintain this levitation for long periods of time he adapted it into carrying his otherwise burdensome belongings behind him and well out of reach of most.
  • Mesmerizing Waltz   (Concentration)                               Save Negates: Reflexes
    • The most efficacious spell at bringing a combat to a standstill and perhaps even a chance to parley.  The caster begins the tried and true three step; those witnessing her display and soon to be fellow dancers are captivated and begin Waltzing with one another.  
    • They are able to converse and move in the three step but can perform no other actions unless they've been practicing their Foxtrot Elementalism.  The Waltz is fairly fast and those that resist the siren call are remit to make any further attacks lest an unexpected turn place their comrade in the way of their biting steel.
  • Liam’s Soporific Problem Solver                                   Save Negates: Discipline
    •  The roguish Liam had a bad habit of putting his foot in his mouth and this spell was born out of his consistent social and often criminal debacles.  The enchantment puts the mortal into a momentary state of fugue, their memories of immediate events are hazy and dream-like granting the caster a second chance.
    • The mortal is not actually rendered asleep and the longer the caster or another creature stays near the bewitched mortal the faster their recovery, so in a botched bit of thievery it is best to keep those sticky fingers clean and exit the scene immediately. Hopefully your dozing friend cannot put together the pieces of your last encounter.   
  • Feldoon's Audacious Whismy                                       Save Negates: Discipline
    • Inspire the target to feel like going on a grand reckless course, mission or adventure.  Playing to the target's ego and daring them to a place that is neither impossible nor absurd will yield the best results. 
  • The Unexpected Sorcerous Slug
    •  Many historians debate the actual intended outcome for this spell.  Most when they learn it treat is as a sudden sucker punch from an ill tempered sorcerer.  Those with an eye for obscure lore or those that have garbled the words will realize the other intended consequence.  To temporarily transform the caster into a giant slug.  Pass the salt.
  • Dracula Gaze                                                                  Save Negates: Discipline
    • "Look deeply into my eyes"  Those unable to resist the allure of the caster's hypnotic eyes must obey his next command provided it is not self-destructive in the slightest.  Furthermore, the caster may continue making suggestions (allowing subsequent saving throws) when they also have their enraptured audience's greater welfare in mind.
Threadless - Mr. Mittens Big Adventure
  • Prismatic Armor
    • Like the creature of legend, Humbaba, the caster assembles the seven veils of radiance and terror to guard their mortal frame.  Each of the veils is represented by a color of the rainbow and each bestows a power or immunity that consumes the veil.  Four of the veils, red, green, blue and yellow, correspond to each of the four elements and can either grant momentary immunity to the element in question or it can quell the raging source of an element for a brief time.  Orange allow the caster to phase through projectiles, indigo temporarily removes immortality, and violet can break any enchantment.  Afterwards each of those three will fade away.  
  • Visual Tunnel of Consecutive Concussive Dynamism (Concentration)
    • Those without an academic background simply refer to it as Eyes full of light.  The caster's eyes glow before a rush of energy shoots out battering anything in the path of their ocular lasers.  A free ranged attack is made each round  .Each round focusing on the same target produces an additional die of damage while a new target resets the damage pool to a single die.
  • Egon’s Catastrophic Occult Discharge                                Save Diminishes: Discipline
    • Akin to opening Pandora's box or crossing the streams Egon developed a spell that would lead to catastrophic effect on both the magic-user casting it and the unfortunate magi being target by it.   This spell simultaneously dissolves the hold each Magi has over their memorized spell as each one erupts forth from their mind.  The order and the targets are arbitrary and the effects chaotic.  Furthermore, any scrolls the target is currently wielding flare to life combusting and releasing a magical mishap.  The Magic User being targets by this spell may attempt an increasingly harder (Cumulative +3) Discipline Save for each spell they try to clutch within their memory.

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