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A&A: Gear & Relics

Gear & Relics

As a final step of outfitting yourself you’ll want to select some gear useful to you in your travels. At Character Creation you may select three of the items presented to you below and you may select the same items more than once. [Adventurers] may choose twice the amount of gear while [Seekers] may choose from the [Relics] below. Regardless of your choices all heroes are adept at creating torches and campsites.

<Designer Notes>
Making character creation a snap has always been an overriding goal of mine.  Numerous misc. items with firm fixed price tags, often inconsequential given one starting allowance of money, bogged down a lot of character creation.  Much akin to choice paralysis in point based character creation systems I wanted to move away from that and towards something that can be selected quickly and without remorse.  With that in mind I present a number of items to be chosen at character creation, organized by their purpose and intended users.  Being unique or offering utility allowed playtesters to grab a few fun or quirky items to complement their characters.  It also gives me a wider array of treasure to be found without magick'ing up the place.
<Designer Notes>


  • 50ft of coiled sturdy Rope, Grappling Hook and Spikes
    • For any would be rock climbers or spelunkers
  • Iron Rations & Spice Box
    • Rations that will likely outlast you and the tools to make them edible
  • Trade Goods
    • Salt, Cinnamon, Lavender, Cloves, Coffee, Cocoa, etc.
  • Spirit Master’s Cigar
    • Smoke keeps away restless spirits and suppresses weaker ones
  • Dapper Hat worthy of compliments
    • Favorable treatment by high society that ends at the hat rack
  • Weighty Tome of International Customs, Culture and History
  • Belladonna, Silver Coating of a Weapon, Supernatural Bestiary
  • Greek Fire, a Vial of Acid, Thunderclap Stone
  • Thievery Tools
    • In skilled hands locks and traps may be bypassed but a failure will destroy the tools
  • Burglar’s Lantern
    • This small hooded lantern can provide focused light without waking the whole neighborhood
  • Bouncing Caltrops
    • These Caltrops bounce when dropped, are difficult to avoid (Reflex Save 10) and impair one’s movement when stepped on
  • Gecko Gloves
    • A goo that when applied to gloves allows them to stick to any surface and climb sheer walls. After a few minutes it hardens and ruins the gloves.
    • Weapon use is strictly advised against
  • Periscope
    • This mirrored array allows one to look above, below or around corners without putting their head in harms way
  • Extensible Pole 10’
    • Collapses to a baton’s length
  • Compass
    • Always shows North and the direction to the surface
  • Redstone
    • Highly explosive when struck like a match stroke or from an Impact/Slashing weapon. Used in crude demolitions, often expensive given the dangerous mining involved.
    • Alarmingly some crazed wizards have made golems out of it.
  • Venomous Quills x6
    • Taken from still breathing ill-tempered quill rats
    • Target begins losing 1HP a round for each Quill
  • Tranquilizer Darts x6
    • Guts Save 10 (+1 per additional dart) or be knocked unconscious
  • Knock-Out Gas
    • As above but shorter range and more visits by Mr. Sandman
  • Smoke Bomb
    • Provides concealment and a flashy escape
  • Ninja Skean
    • Creates an easily destroyed clone of the user wherever the blade is thrown
  • Iocaine Powder
    • Odorless and tasteless it will kill whoever imbibes it. The effects only last for a few minutes after it has been dissolved into an aqueous solution. Enough for a glass is hard enough to come by as is.
  • Dead Man’s Antidote
    • This antidote prolongs the inevitable and will temporarily halt any poison for the remainder of a [Scene]
  • Antonia’s Draught
    • Anyone who drinks this is seemingly nonexistent to snakes
  • Zenith Wine
    • This will remove [Petrification] from a target when the sun is highest in the sky
  • Aether Tincture
    • You may physically interact with ghosts and spirits without penalty
  • Smelling Salts
    • Awaken those who have been knocked out regardless of the reason
  • Gutsy Grog
    • Encounter: Fear Immunity and an absence of risk aversion
  • Zolia’s Nectar
    • Soothing muscle relaxant that removes both [Paralysis] and [Silence]
  • Tur Kay’s Poultice
    • This will remove a [Bind] from a [Wounded] character


  • A Scroll containing Three Cantrips of your choice
    • Scrolls are necessary to cast and memorize spells
    • Scrolls are very large and carrying more than a half dozen will encumber you
  • Holy Medallion
    • Radiating with the power of the sun before disintegrating this expels any undead in the area
  • Magical Catalyst
    • A scroll may be cast at the end of the first round rather than second
  • Primordial Element
    • Create an [Upwelling] of that Element in the area
  • Frozen Flame
    • Provides light without heat and reveals time distortions
  • Ishtar’s Ambrosia
    • The target regains a d6 years of their lifetime
  • Marduk's Stone
    • When used to sharpen or embedded in a weapon it ignores Dragon Scales
  • Illumina Jewel
    • Removes a [Curse]
  • Hallowed Bone
    • Revive the recently deceased
  • Kami Frogs 1x d6
    • These miniature rubber frogs when thrown create a blast wave that will propel anyone in the opposite direction and knock down weak walls.
  • Star Dust
    • Temporary immunity to [Insanity]
  • Faerie Dust
    • Temporary Flight
  • Philtre of Dragon Ashes
    • Immunity to one blast of Dragon’s Breath
  • Roc’s Pinion
    • A giant raptor will carry you out of danger but into its nest
  • Cockatrice Plume
    • Can prevent Petrification once
  • Sands of Time
    • In the local area the clock is rewound one full minute

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