Sunday, November 24, 2013

Playtest Report: Magical Miscreants & The Curse of the Elf Whisper

Princess Mononoke

Party of traveling Wizards including one drunken monk and one battle mage approach sleepy town in pursuit of known bandit Mario Navarro.  500GP reward, will let them live the high life for a long time.
Sleepy town not so sleepy.  Probably cursed.  Local bard is crazy and crying constantly at the bar.
Drinks ruined by tears party decides to end the curse, first step investigate all these Elf Ghosts Song and Dance the bard won't stop blubbering about.
Find Keith Zone, local bounty hunter and woodsman.
Finding him so smooth the party cannot help but recruit him.  Kick crazy Bard out of party.
Bard invisibly follows party.  Party not perceptive enough to notice constant invisible weeping.
Party ambushed by Navarro's bandits.
Party remember bounty notice.  Party out for weregild.
New Ranged combat proceeds smoothly.  Party still pincushioned.  Lance glad he took a shield.  Drunken Monks lack of armor clearly shows.
Party clear cuts bandits.  Navarro was not present.  Party commandeers bandit horses and rides east. 
Party gets caught in Ettercap nest.  Horses in web, party deals with poison (successfully). 
One evil-spiderman bewitched into seeing its greatest fear, a giant moa, flees.
Too close for spells, switching to spears.
Keith Zone kills the remaining ettercap.  
Party remounts and finds Pixie groves.  Deals with Pixie nonsense.  Answers riddle and receives Ring of Swimming.  
Puzzled DM doubtful this Ring will ever see use.
Pixies direct them to bandit camp.  Tells them to avoid the bog, scarred man was lost there.
A clue for Navarro!

Party heads south.  Hears howls, entire pack of a dire wolves in hot pursuit.  
Aldehyde opts for the heroic sacrifice, horses get no choice (are eaten)
Keith Zone and Lance flee south into the Elven ruins, wolves stop pursuit and join larger pack.
Aldehyde surrounded by a lot of angry wolves.  Fends off a pair.
Great leader wolf can speak!?

Aldehyde taunts him.  Great Wolf Leader enjoys the taste of mageflesh.
Aldehyde casts Whiskers of Whimsied Flight.
Wolves can jump!  Snags leg dragging him to ground.
Aldehyde mangled and dragged back to wolf cave.
Converses with Great Wolf Leader.
DM Challenges him to work the ways of Walsh's Forcible Visceral Exchange into a sentence.
Does so.
Aldehyde evacuates out of the cave and bearded flight back to the group.  
Great Wolf Leader promises vengeance.

Ice King, Adventure Time
Meanwhile, Keith Zone and Lance find dead bandits.  Faces frozen in terror.
Mystified crazy evil shadows emerge from their mouths.
Shadows are really deadly in this system.
Keith goes down, skin pale blue.  Lance not far behind.
Aldehyde makes Emergency Beard Landing, provides Lance enough time to cast spell.
Activates Holy Circle and party gets momentary respite.
Out of nowhere Ghostly elf maiden starts singing.  Shadows disperse and flee into woods.
Also out of nowhere crazy bard emerges from invisibility.  Party has no time for his shenanigans.
Ghostly Elf Princess enters crazy bard to converse with party.
Learns that she and elven host are trapped in thunderstruck holy tree.  Formerly home of Ygwannach.
Tells them how Ygwannach, former forest guardian, became corrupted and destroyed elven kingdom.  Only her music could pacify it.  Harp has been lost, stolen by her sisters.  They reside to the south.
Party agrees to break curse and heads south into the bog.

Elf Whisper Artwork
Party enters bog via Keith Zone's river shortcut
Find man being sucked into quicksand.  Is actually Mario Navarro.
After rescuing, Party spots blinking lights approaching from afar, Navarro is terrified, will pay anything for safety.
Lance casts the Unexpected Sorcerous Slug, avoids turning into giant slug.
Knocks Mario out cold.  Willowisp unable to feed on fear.
Parties knowledge is high enough to identify the Will'o'Wisp but not its special abilities such as magic immunity.
Combat begins, Willowisp with its Init of 7 gets a bonus round at the end of the turn.
After the first few blasts of Lightning, Aldehyde takes to bearded flight.
Flight of the Valkyrie plays.
Willowisp takes heavy damage from critical hit.  Begins blinking around battlefield.
Wisp aims for a critical strike on Aldehyde.  Proves to be its undoing as Aiming prevents it from blinking out
Lucky arrow from Keith Zone and it winks out of existence
Keith Zone smoothly reminds party he has gotten the killing blow on most everything so far.
Party remarks about how smoothly that went.
Aldehyde cast burrito bedroll to capture the prisoner Mario Navarro and haul him back to town.
Quote of the day: (Lance)
"If you want to run with 1 Wound left on hard mode be my guest.  I say we hightail back to town, heal up, interrogate this chump and find his secret stash."

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