Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Auld Lang Syne

Uncle Sam gave me some pretty important news the day before Christmas.  It seems my schedule has been accelerated and I'll be leaving before February is over.  With that in mind I've had to change a number of plans, one of them being the Rules I've been developing for far too long.  With all the feature creep and redesigns it's been looking like the project will sit in development in perpetuity.  I had something I could've released in 2008, another I could've released in 2011 each one bearing little resemblance to its past incarnation and here we are on the cusp of the 2014.  As much as I love tinkering it's time to release something.

I started pushing myself towards this point by posting Excerpts, hardcoding mechanics that way I couldn't drastically change them later.  At this point I need to get everything set in stone, a difficultly since the core mechanic hit two major overhauls in the last two months and is no longer as smooth as it once was.  The game is starting to be buried under feature creep so I'm going to need to adjust formatting for modularity and some things simply don't have enough time for playtesting which means I'm going to have to leave a lot on the chopping block.  A finished and fine looking product doesn't seem reasonable in a two month time frame, and a kickstarter would be unfair since I will be unavailable for many months and I'll be damned before I turn into an M. Nystul.

So here's where we stand. Come January I'll start an open Beta.  If I can get my shit together before then I'll get a nice PDF release before February is over.  This is a labor of love so there won't be a price tag.  Pay what you want will be offered but all funds will be donated to Charity, either the EFF or Child's Play.  Licensing will likely be Creative Commons.  Well I've got my work cut out for me.  The two pronged attack of crunch time at my day job won't be helping either.

Happy New Year

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