Monday, December 16, 2013

Twilight Imperium: A Great Way to Spend 7 Hours

I enjoy the occasional board game but I don't normally seek them out so when a friend asked me to commit to an 8 hour board game I had my doubts.  This is the second time we've played, both times it has been a blast.  Fairly easy to get into, it's easier to watch than have it explained to you but once you do the game moves pretty fast and is continuously engaging.  Plenty of treachery, wheeling and dealing, politics and of course space battles. 

In fact, the space battles are quick and easy with a decent amount of options to keep it fresh.  If I ever revisit my Mecha Mashup rules I would definitely like to go for a simple space army battle presented in Twilight Imperium.  One of the problems my players always had in character creation was choosing the genre (Zoids, Gundam, Robotech/Macross, Evangelion, etc.) and type of Mecha to build as a character.  Giving them the option to build armies rather than units could be quite a bit of fun.

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