Friday, December 27, 2013

Playtest Report: Desert of Desolation Prelude Finale

Thundarr the Barbarian
With the departure of the Great Thunder Lizard most of the Croc tribe begins worshipping those that rose from the Sand
Great Croc leader is not amused.
Kills High Priest who knelt before Thundarr PC's.  I
nstructs remaining priest to carry on with Ceremony.
Bronan: "Over my well oiled dead body"
Great Croc Leader and Bronan have a Showdown
Great Croc Leader's Morningstar proves too painful and Bronan's badly bleeding hide must retreat while Jacque steps in.
One Critical hit later Jacques Flamberge has carved out the Great Croc leaders heart
Croc Tribe swears fealty to new Croc Leader
Monsieur Frog is clad in Croc Chief regalia
Party returns to Oasis to recuperate.
While Bronan recovers from his Wounds Monsieur Jacque Frog accompanies Water Witch Masika to find possessions lost during kidnapping.
Jealous Croc Princess also accompanies
Old Crow tribe keeping distance, Cactus tribe crazy as ever,  Local Rattler tribe giving menacing looks
Passing his Revelation test, Jacqu realizes that Rattler is not enemy of Croc tribe.
Masika  encounters friendly Vendor
"What are you all still doing here?  Keep your voices down I don't want people to know I'm still associating with you."
Monsieur Frog: "Who wouldn't want to associate with the Great Croc Leader!"
Market Square all looks at new Croc Leader

Off with their heads!
Slapping books and clothing on the table Vendor disappears under tables as he scuttles away
Sun Bull tribe spokesman unrolls scroll
"By the proclamation of his holiness the Caliph of Potomia, for crimes of pagan worship and sacrifice (decimating the Caliph's Harems) the Croc Tribe has been sentenced to death."
Attempts to parlay fail on ideologue Sun Bulls
Implied that the rest of Croc tribe currently being disposed of
Masika leads them down Vendor's escape route
Chase Scene begins!

With Sunbulls and Rattler in Hot pursuit Jacque and Co. bolt away
With some lucky rolls early on they create quite a distance
Rattler splits up while Sun Bull keep up the pursuit
Misfortune strikes and Croc Princess takes a spill
The end of the alley in sight Masika demands he leave her
Monsieur Frog: "No Croc left behind"
Masika flees and avoids Rattler who now block the alley
Spending every last Intrepid Die Jacque parkour bursts past them before the Sun Bull can catch them in a pincer attack

Bronan's drunken slumber is interrupted by bloodshed outside
Not understanding the situation Bronan dumps chamber pot on all below
Jacque misleads Bronan into thinking Sun Bull have declared Prohibition
Drunken Bronan leaps out of 3 story building once more
This time crunching a pair of tribals underneath
Berserk Bronan does not discriminate friend from foe
Water Witch Masika fires a jet of water into Bronan sobering him
The Party and remaining Croc tribe beat a hasty exit looting supplies along the way

Desert of Desolation Begins

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