Thursday, November 22, 2018

Turkey Tarrasque

In honor of Thanksgiving I present to you the Turkey Tarrasque, Turkeysque for short.  He'll be utilizing the basic framework I discussed earlier for universal modifiers on your monster.

[Omni] Turkeysque (Loathsome Villain)  LVL 20  HP  (20d12+50)x2  TD 20d6  Wounds 12  DEF 11 / AC 7 / ARM 1 (+3)   Mv: L  (Trample 3d6)
  • Giant 3  Relentless 3  Impervious 3 Rage 3  Ferocious 3 Uncanny 3
  • Claw/Claw/Bite/Tailfeathersx5  Reach: 6  SPD: 10  To-Hit:  +9  DMG:  7d6  CRIT:  Save Vs Death
    • [Vorpal]  Any 6's rolled on Damage ignore the Rule of Three
  • [Terror Die]  Reflect any Magical or Elemental effect back at the target
  • [Terror Die] Mind-melting Gobble - Induces bowel shaking earthquakes of doubt and remorse. 
    • Very large area - Save Vs Fear, Paralysis, & Insanity

The Turkey Tarrasque is a top level monster, sporting enormous HP and Wounds.  Unlike his turtle shelled cousin he trades in some lower Armor reduction for a faster move, and the clarion call of the Mad Gobbler.  In typical Tarrasque fashion magical and elemental effects can be reflected back on the unsuspecting targets.

Like this but with more festive tail feathers

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