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A&A School of Spells: Lifa

A&A School of Magic: Lifa

The fundamental quintessence, Lifa, is what flows through all living things on this planet.  The blessed and holy among us are a conduit for it.  They can give life, offer redemption, and protect this worlds inhabitants from those who lost their lives and those that feast on the Lifa of others.

Grave of the Fireflies

  • Cloud of Fireflies
    • Fireflies circle around the bodies of both the living and the dead providing a gentle illumination and momentary respite.  On occasion images of the departed can be seen.
  • Peacefulness  (Concentration)                                              Save reconsiders: Discipline
    •  The target ceases all hostile action unless provoked for as long as this spell remains in effect.  After it expires the target may rethink their original course of action.
  • Rise Warrior
    •  Any disabled combatants, be they beaten, battered, paralysed, petrified, sealed away or merely unconscious that can hear the casters voice arise from their slumber and fight once more.
Nerf Now: Altered Beast
  • Infinite Unending Wellspring
    • The lifeblood of the planet flows through the target granting them three additional Wounds.  Whenever they sustain a Wound the Mana of all four elements increases by 1d6 in the area.
  • Holy Circle (Concentration)
    • Within this circle is hallowed ground, undead, demons and soulless creatures are barred from entering it and any that still hold the breath of life are anchored to the mortal coil providing more time to save their fading spirit.  The circle is centered on the caster and moves with them.
  • Island Gigantism
    • All local fauna smaller than a man receives a tremendous growth spurt, enough to take the place of the local larger predators. Their new found [Giant] template allows them to prey on all sorts of new prey, even the party.  The range of this spell is 100 yards from the casters feat but does not pass over boundaries of water.
  • Last Hero
    • When cast on a Hero they are infused with a supernatural toughness.  For each fallen ally the hero is protecting they receive a +1 to Defense up to a maximum of 5.  When the Hero is the last one standing they may take two consecutive turns each round.
  • Road to Dawn 
    • Salvation for even the most hardened of hearts.  This spell allows a defeated enemy a chance for repentance, to walk the path of light to control the darkness in their hearts.
Haast's Eagle

  • Life Cycle
      • This spell changes depending on the current season and lasts for the entire scene.
    • Jubilance of Summer
      • Summer days that never end.  The party is heavily resistant to fatigue and a surplus of energy.  Whenever they determine HP any 6's rolled add a Hit Die into their reserves.
    • Last Gasp of Autumn
      • The leaves are awash in color, the air is cool and crisp life reaches zenith and its twilight.  Whenever a party member needs to [Burn HP] it functions at a 1:2 ratio.
    • Fade to Winter
      • The grey, the period between life and death where we slumber and wait.   The caster's party is unaffected by harsh environmental conditions provided they continue moving.  Any life threatening poisons and afflictions are slowed and delayed until the world thaws.
    • Rebirth of Spring
      • Somehow life finds a way.  When a party member is killed the caster may [Burn Intrepid] to give them a 1/6 chance of miraculously surviving.
  • Man From the Machine
    •  This spell grants the fundamental quintessence into an android granting them sentience, consciousness and an alignment in sync with the caster.  They function as any other character would that is composed of metal, composites, oil and electrons.  
      • The question remains: Do Androids dream?
  • Supernova
    • Oh to be so grossly incandescent.  The casters body glows with the pulchritude of a white hot sun.  Greater Undead, demons and soulless creatures are blinded and those with hardened hearts remember their former selves as altruism freely flows through them once more.  
    • One round later the caster's body reaches its Zenith, the white hot light expands outward in a sphere engulfing all in a 100 yard radius wiping out everything without the fundamental quintessence of Lifa.  The caster, however, is atomized.

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