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Avatar's & Annihilation Playtest: The Forest of Plenty 1.1

To get to the Comet Site the party must traverse the Forest of Plenty.
Nicknamed on account of the bountiful wild game, brightly plumed birds, rare mushrooms and truffles.
The truffles of course attracted POrks (Pig Orks) which the local farmers are happy to be rid of.
Should be a cake walk.
S. Wift's boss, Reginald MacReynard gives him another special delivery.  A few gallons of honey directly to the UpBears known to wander those woods.
Tells him to sign up with one of the new explorer's guilds and watch out for the four existing leaders.
Conveniently the The OtherWorldly (TOW) Company ordered takeout prior to leaving at dawn.  
Stanley joins their group.  
The party sets off, close on the heels of Youjiro the Silent and Loose Legs ConBa and well ahead of Archibald the Luxurious and Anaheim the Industrious.

Day 1  (Rolled a 2: Stampede.  Wandering Monster: Dinosaurs?!)
 Birds simultaneously ditch all their trees and fly in the opposite direction.  Thunderous footsteps can be heard.
Deer, Rabbits, Foxes, Possoms and Elk come running past.
Curious to the disturbance the party goes in for a closer look only to find a Spinosaurus fighting a Brontosaurus.
Tiamult's superior [Revelation] recognizes that these shouldn't be alive and walking also they appear to be half their usual size.
Party agrees Giant Lizards are not to be trifled with.
Party is unlucky and the fight between these titans steamrolls towards their direction.
Legion of Extra Lives Minions scatter as dinosaurs come plowing through
Shepherd Bookbinder, Brave as he was, goes back to rescue little foot stragglers
Rest of the Party not so keen on going back.  Prepared to leave the wayward shepherd behind.
First Encounter on what was promised to be a very lethal game.  Sound decision.
Fred Smith, soon to be known for unsound decisions hurls Greek Fire creating a fire line between dino's and party.
Shepherd Burrana and stragglers are now cut off.
Not happy about this fire business the Dinos break off their clash and the Spinosaurus catches sight of easier prey.
The first shield is splintered as Ashaw Burrana's Shield narrowly avoids a devastating life severing critical hit.
The spinosaurus has a mouth full of splinters and is quite irate.
Two of the extras (very luckily) rallied their morale and supported Shepherd Burrana in his stand.
Cutting a thin line in the dinos hide before dropping [Bouncing Caltrops] and getting his men out of dodge
Movement how hampered and being peppered by arrows from the rest of the party the Spinosaurus faced another onslaught:
Fred Smiths crit heavy hammer.
The Spinosaurus has been kneecapped.
 Dinosaur teeth necklace acquired
Lawman Orvar has gone to assist the Shepherd and pickup the last fleeing straggler.
The party reunites just as Fred Smith turned the Dinos skull into an anvil ending the fight.
Both sides of the screen were surprised by the lack of fatalities.
Congratulations given and dice praised.
Pemba the Performer managed to throw a tranq. dart into an open wound and pacify the brontosaurus.
Tiamult recognizes the herbivorous teeth and the party spends the rest of the day taming it.
Fred uses Tur Kay's Poultice to treat it's wounds and the party tranqs. it daily to keep their new mount.

Day 2  Cave.  Cave Contents: Desmodu Colony.  Manbats!
Howling Mine: Magic the Gathering

Party encounters a large clearing 90 yards in diameter.
In the middle is an intentionally made cave entrance atop a natural cavern.
No tracks in or out.
Massive party turns out to have differing playstyle and views.
Rest of the party gears up to leave and get there first and collect that sweet sweet pot of gold
Fred Smith decides to throw a Thunderclap stone into the Cave
Manbats are understandably displeased.
Due to a lucky roll the ones charging out of their cavern have 1 HP remaining.
Most of party is content to leave Fred for dead, Pemba is greedy for utility belts but decides against it.
After a round of mauling by dazed and disoriented Manbats Fred beats it out of there with Marshall Orvar's help.
Party joked they just declared war on a peaceful band of Manbats whose sharpened tool was for harvesting the orange groves they trudged through.
Later that night hunting bats spotted.
Tiamult instructs them to clean up their mess
Another series of lucky rolls as three arrows/bolts let fly and the bat drops out of the sky.
The party seemingly escaped without consequence

Day 3: Quiet, too quiet (Spider Ambush)

Party finds themselves lost in the oldest part of the wood with trees towering some 60ft in height.  
Those with an [Earth Origin] can tell Magnetic North so they no where to go but lack a path to make it there
Stanley discovers a discarded shawl and casts [ESP]
He views Youjiro's group and the 5 vagabonds.  Each time they come by this place there is one fewer member until only Youjiro and the shawl's owner remains.  The vision is viewed through kaleidoscope eyes.
Denna the Bold climbs the trees for a better vantage point.
Unfortunately whatever is boring into her sleeping mind causes her to see only streams of silver once she reaches the canopy.
As she is lowered down by pulley system the party is ambushed by giant tree spiders.
Aside from Shepherd the rest of the party easily dispatch the Spiders

Monocle Spider by zinoi
Not before a Wizard Spider bearing 8 monocles brainwashes Denna with [Dracula Vision] into a death from above attack on Fred whose armor absorbs it all.
Note to self - Give damage bonus on Death to Above Attacks
The party is victorious, the GM is disappointed.
Being careless while searching cocoons Pemba luckily stumbles through the Wizard Spider's stash, containing Gemstones and a scroll.
After getting the Shawls owner killed by recklessly dropping cocoons to the ground below they gently get rid of the rest.
Future Murderhobo party proceeds to murder some hobos.  Future team good Samaritan nonplussed about it all

Day 4:  Another Cave.  Oh no.  ManBat Cave part deux
Denna's birdseye view granted the party a path out of the winding woods.
They found the Unicorn's Run which safely traversed most of the forest before passing in front of another oddly shaped cave
Party walks by non-chalantly as quickly as possible.

Day 5: Time Distortion.  Eien the Cat displaced from time

Party encounters a giant grey Cheshire cat
Promises a swift death to any that approach the comet site she is guarding
"How long have you been guarding it?"
She has always been and will always be.  She neither begins nor ends.
"Did Youjiro the Silent pass through here?  How did he get through?"
He knew the right thing to say.
"How can we pass?"
Look through your Frozen Flame.  You will see a path where I do not exist.  Free me from my anchor and you too may escape.  Behind puzzles three does my escape lie.  Know that if you press on now you may never return until I am free.

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