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Avatars & Annihilation Playtest: Forest of Plenty Adventure Setup

For me, one of the biggest attractions to the OSR was the wealth and reliance of random tables.  In my mind, part of the fun in running a game is figuring out how the absurd things you roll up fit into the adventure thus far.  As I eagerly await my hardcover of the Dungeon Dozen's release I constructed a few quick and dirty tables of my own as the party goes on their wayward expedition Chasing the Comet.
Between writing this draft this morning and publishing this joyfully arrived

Now for the meat of things.  Wilderness Encounters in Abjool's Forest, nicknamed the Forest of Plenty by the locals. The forest was full of wild game, brightly plumed birds, rare mushrooms and truffles. The truffles however, have caused a few bands of POrks (slang for pig orcs) to move in and some local farmers would be more than happy if they got rid of them.


While journeying through the presumably cakewalk forest each day the GM rolls two six sided dice and chooses one to determine results.  The party has seven days worth of supplies.  Each day the party stays in the forest add +1 to the roll, if they receive assistance from the SnobGoblins add another +1 and if any of the StarTouched (Probably Insane) party members ascend on high and glimpse the Stars (and the residual comet tail) add another +1.  The adventure hits the next focal point whenever any die reaches a 9+.

Forest of Plenty Encounters

  1. All quiet, a nice peaceful respite
  2. It begins with birds fleeing followed a few minutes later by a stampede of deer, rabbits, foxes and even an elk.  Roll again on the Wandering Monster Table.
  3. Quiet, too quiet.  The party feels as though someone is watching them.  (Spider Ambush if they split up).  
  4. Cave.  Roll on the Cave Table.
  5. Snobgoblin Detachment mounted on Peacocks protecting Baron's Game Preserve
    1. Mini-Adventure that can allow for a protected rest and a new [Scene]
  6. POrks encounter.  Roll again after Victory or Defeat.
    1. Die 1-3 Hunting Truffles
    2. Die 4-5 Patrol
    3. Die 6  Chieftan present (Negotiations a possibility).  Roll again.
  7. Sylvan Glade.  Lovely place but not much to see.
    1. Those with the [Noble] or [Devout] Anti-Attribute will witness a Unicorn
    2. The blessed sight is a sign of safety and the party may rest, recover and begin a new [Scene]
  8. Strange Grey Goop on Vegetation.  No disturbances for quite some time then Wandering Monster.
  9. Time Distortions, Eien Queen Guardian of the Forest, Robocats, Holograms.  
    1. Must proceed past this point to reach the Dungeon.

Wandering Monsters


  1. Infected Boar 2x Size.  Covered in Grey Goop.  Murderous.
    1. Dire (+3 Attack)  Ferocious: 2 
  2. UpBears: Will trade Supplies for Honey.  Peaceful, forgetful and lazy.  
    1. Wear tabbard and wield Halberds.
  3. Dinosaurs?!  2x Random.  1/2 Size and HD
  4. Braxat (MM2)    Will pick off party one by one, will use telepathy to drive others insane or set up ambushes.  
    1. Terrifying (+3 Intrepid) Uncanny: 2 Psychic Powers.
    2. Preempted by Loose Legs Conba fleeing in the opposite direction.  This is a killer encounter.
    3. Those with Home Turf: Mountain that Kisses the Sky (Earth) can identify
    4. A High Revelation will tell you its weaknesses and how odd it is to be seen outside the Savage Moon
  5. Probably nothing.  50/50.  Flip to a random page, pick a monster displaced from time and space
  6. GM Choice



  1. Abeil Colony (MM2) - Bee People setting up a new expansion.  Not immediately Hostile.  UpBears want their delicious Honey.
  2. Sleeping Monster.  Roll Wandering Monster.
  3. Empty.  Treasure? (1/6)
  4. Desmodu (MM2) Colony.  ManBats with Utility Belts.  
    1. Treacherous (+3 Intrepid).  Fierce 1 (Bite) Uncanny 1
    2. If the party plays their cards right they can move safely through their tunnels and get +1 to their rolls.
  5.  Tremor Sword (Magic Item).  
    1. Removing it from the stone means it will no longer prevent the bone room from reassembling into a horde of skeletons.
    2. If it isn't replaced Undead will infest the woods. 
  6. GM Choice

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