Thursday, September 19, 2013

30 Days of D&D Challenge: Catchup Day 11-14

Ho boy have I fallen behind.  Turns out a transition between careers takes up quite a bit of time and September it seems is a month full of weddings.  Well, no time to tarry let's see how many days we can get through.

Day 11  Favorite Adventure You Have Ran
If we're talking stand alone module then look no further than my player's ongoing expeditions in the Temple of Elemental Evil.

If we're talking a single adventure not meant to be the focus of the campaign I can think of one in particular from Issue 108 of Paizo's Dungeon.  "30 Feet of Demonic Danger: Take on the Iron Satyr"

What's not to love about Kingkong and Lightning bolts?  I sprang this adventure on my PC's while they visiting town to try and save an NPC grievously injured with the most peculiar of poisons.  I had the adventure running in the background, they were introduced to the conspirators but mostly ignored all the hooks till the Iron Satyr came and calling and all of a sudden the vile priestess turned an angry mob against them and they were driven into the circle right as the 30ft Titan came to life.

Day 12  Favorite Dungeon Type / Location
I've always held a certain fondness for Frozen Caverns, Glacier Crevasse and Iceworm tunnels.  If I were a Bond villain, I'd stake my claim in the Antarctic.
Antarctic Ice Tunnel
Day 13  Favorite Trap/Puzzle

One of my favorite stories in Tales of the Dying Earth by Jack Vance was the young apprentice sent off to a strange land of green and grey cloaked people.  It took some rereading but after awhile you realize they are traipsing around a ruined modern city and eventually find themselves in an elevator.  Which inspired me to think of a most excellent trap.

When a PC touches the elevator button a mini-lancet pricks them.  They are shocked to learned that it is not poisoned and seemingly nothing happened.  In reality, the lancet took a sample of their blood and with the power of super-science is creating a clone at a level below.  This happens for every elevator and ideally the last PC will refuse to tempt fate again so you will get a nice sampling of PC's if everyone shares the threat of death equally.  At a lower level they will come face to face with their clone counterparts, sans-exceptional equipment but we can always toss in some space lasers and future tech to even things out.

Day 14  Favorite NPC
Lucaim Halfos.  He spoke with a terrible Transylvania accent and spoke of weird customs.  "In Barovia we put dissenters on spike and let them slide down.  There is no more dissent ya?"  He was helpful to the PC's early on but when they went mausoleum hunting later on for the ghostly Paladin haunting the town they discovered his secret.  Well, not really a secret, his albino appearance and fancy for necklines made him a pretty obvious vampire candidate.  Unfortunately for the PC's he was also a very experience Monk.  He took out an eye, broke a few limbs and nearly bit/transformed someone before the PCs managed to escape.  That college campaign was put on hold so they never got a chance to take revenge or visit Barovia.

I'll save the Favorite Monsters for their own post.

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