Thursday, September 19, 2013

30 Days of D&D Challenge: Catchup Day 15-20

 Lots of monster categories and favorites to go through.  The lack of Giant or Golem category is fairly disappointing as both of these iconic D&D monsters have plenty of variations to argue over.   Since I have another wedding this weekend I'll be posting Day 20 a day early as well.

Previous entries can be found here:

Day 15 Undead
 Death Knight.  Something about that 20d6 fireball in the Death Knights AD&D MM entry always made me pause and consider.  How would I ever work this doomsday veteran into a game?  If I were a player how would I defeat one?  I'm afraid I've never answered either of these questions but the Death Knight has always been in the back of my mind.  He'll make an appearance one day.  In fiction though I rather like the portrayal in Pools of Twilight.

Day 16 Aberration
Mimic without question.  Is it a monster?  Is it a trap?  It doesn't matter because that chest is eating the greedy thief.  Time to celebrate!
Excellent creation by thelivingbrick

Day 17 Animal/Vermon
Nothing can make me happier than finding a dungeon populated with giant ants.  Awesome mounts and the potential for a shrunken adventure storyline.
Planet of Giants

Day 18 Immortal/Outsider
Hellhounds, are severely underutilized and I think they would make a much better higher level foe.  A demon dog that will track you to the end of your days, I wouldn't want that on my tail.
by nachtwulf

Day 19 Elemental/Plant
Myconoids, little mushroom men that waddle around doing mushroom things.  Their are the true kings of the underworld kingdom, despite what those Dwarven usurpers say.
Secret of Mana my Eternal Love

Day20 Humanoid/Fey
Gnolls.  Lazy hyenamen are my favorite NPC's to toss around.  Often mercenaries but very rarely loyal, they are a greaty way to show PC's that sometimes a little coin or misdirection is preferable to another blood bath.

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