Sunday, September 22, 2013

30 Days of D&D Challenge Day 21 Favorite Dragon

Ever since I went wandering through the various Monster Manuals and Compendiums I always found the idea of Gem Dragons very intriguing.  They were alien, inscrutable and barely similar at all to their chromatic counterparts.  Most of all they were neutral, neither interfering goodies like the metallics or ruin-everything chromatics.  That's what I like in a Dragon, ancient, hard to grasp, does not deign to intercede but anyone that interferes in their domain will receive harsh punishment.  I'm not too keen on the Psionics angle, or that all Dragons are spellcasters for that matter but I can roll with it.  In fact, Dragon's mind stomping lesser races works out pretty well for a campaign that involves Giant Lizards sitting on thrones.
Sapphire Dragon by Brass Dragon

As many of my early campaigns involves wandering around the underdark and kicking the butt of numerous drow I rather admired the Sapphire Dragon.  They made their lair underground and had an extreme aversion towards the underdark denizens, even waging war on any that entered their domain.  As a young lad who read his fair share of DragonLance I decided that were I to ever partner up with a Dragon in my crusade against the never-ending onslaught of white haired spider kissers, it would be a Sapphire Dragon.

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