Wednesday, September 25, 2013

30 Days of D&D Challenge Day 25: Favorite Magical Item

Cloak of Displacement
Taken from one of the coolest of monsters the Displacer Cloak provides the same bonus this monstrous feline receives.  Your image is projected a few feet in another direction.  In game mechanics terms it usually equates to a 20/50% miss chance either via Percentiles or some nebulous dodge bonus.  I'm not a super big fan of that so I say let's spruce it up a bit.  The way I"ve always interpreted it is that you're image is projected a few feet in another direction and that you yourself are essentially invisible.  I've heard other interpretations which treat it similar to Mirror Image but we'll stick with the first for now.  Naturally anyone taking a wide swing will likely hit both you and your image, however a thrusting weapon is pretty much guaranteed to miss you.  Most 1-handed non-thrusting weapons do not move in wide sweeping arcs often without leaving one vulnerable so we can throw those in the miss category as well.  Until the foe figures out the illusion you are only hit by two-handed slashing &/or Impact weapons.  For those unfamiliar I've categorized all weapon types as either Impact, Thrusting or Slashing (The rules for these damage types as well as the rules for Wounds have changed drastically since then, I'll be putting that to paper soon).  Impact includes Maces, Hammers and even Axes.

As an avowed lover of Scarves the Displacer Cloak would make for a wonderful life saving red-scarf as well.

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