Saturday, September 28, 2013

30 Days of D&D Challenge Day 28: Character you will never play again

A character in 4th edition.  I've played and ran a few times, one game in particular went from level 1-30 and after that I simply have no more desire to play another character again.  This goes back to the problem I have with the edition where an overwhelming sense of sameness, a lack of mechanical differentiation between classes and significant distinction between archetypes.  The degree of separation between a class or even an archetype was so minimal that after playing one striker I had no desire to play another striker.  Instead playing two completely different archetypes I soon realized that I was running in the same hamster wheel.  So while I appreciate the art direction, Death & Dying mechanics and some of the interesting ploys they had given monsters I'm afraid I have no desire to play a character in that edition again.

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