Monday, September 2, 2013

30 Days of D&D Challenge Day 2

Day 2 Favorite Playable Race:
Day 1 Can be found here
Weretiger by koutanagamori

I've played Humans most of my career, I recall a fellow player she played the  Avariel (Winged Elf) race before which always seemed neat although the claustrophobia was annoying.  My personal favorite race was when I was recreating an D&D Ranger with a Tiger companion for a Third edition game.  I was using an article on the Wizards site written by Sean K. Reynolds entitled Savage Progressions.  The series of articles dealt with taking a High Level Adjustment / Hit Dice Race and breaking down it's abilities on a level by level basis.  So I was able to create a Level 1 Character for a 4th level campaign, and start as a WereTiger right off the bat.

Save Progressions: Lich and Weretiger Template Classes

The same article also has rules for breaking down a Lich in the same way.  I think one of the biggest strengths of Third Edition was giving you tools like this to play strange monstrous creatures as an equivalent character class.  Novels like Pool of Twilight for example had a Death Knight in the party, it's nice being able to recreate that with a decent set of balance.  Granted Level-Adjustments were pretty terrible in the long run and monstrous to homegrown PC's didn't quite stack up to scrutiny but at least the effort was made and I can appreciate that.

Plus, I wouldn't have been able to play a Weretiger Ranger otherwise!  (He died, and often, that campaign was a continuous meat grinder)

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