Wednesday, September 4, 2013

30 Days of D&D Challenge Day 4: Favorite Gameworld

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Day 2 Favorite Playable Race

Day 3 Favorite Playable Class

Assuming we are discounting home-brewed settings then I will rely on the limited experience I have with published campaign settings. Dark Sun has always held a special appeal to me, very Science Fiction with my favorite dose of combat: gladiatorial.  My experienc is extremely limited so I am hesitant to call it a favorite.    Likewise with Greyhawk, while I adore the modules I've never felt an interconnecting atmosphere within it and a gameworld is more merely the content of its dungeons, as magnificent as they may be.  Dragonlance is a great setting for reading but I've never felt the need to play in it.

I've played a lot in the Forgotten Realms of Faerun and I've read quite a bit of pulp on it.  That said while the Baldur's Gate series does a fantastic job at making a memorable setting I've had nothing but trouble running it and playing in it.  I'm afraid it is a setting that is simply too fleshed out, there is little room to go without tripping over something already existent.

That said there is one particular exception to that, the frigid northern wastes.  The Iceland Dales.  Always holding a warm place in my heart (and an art style I adore) it brings about a yearning for exploration whenever I see the vast tracks of territory, mostly empty and full of frigid death.  Where the enemies hunt you in pack or break through the ice and chase you down.  The Frontier is my true calling.

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