Monday, September 23, 2013

30 Days of D&D Challenge Day 23 Least Favorite Monster

The Mummy is a classic horror monster.  Yet he is my least used monster in D&D.  I never find the Mummy to be particularly frightening in any way shape or form.  He's a slow moving fellow that you simply, well, outrun-or outwalk.  Now the recent Mummy movies starring Brendan Fraser were pretty good at making the Mummy a believable enemy but for the most part as a PC I simply can't find the idea of a group of mummys threatening.
Sure Mummy Rot is pretty lousy but, just don't get hit.  Just, walk around the barely ambulating set-piece.  I suppose the concept of the Mummy requires a location that allows him to tirelessly chase you down, with his near invulnerability to weapons.  The idea of being chased by a creature that can not be hurt is pretty frightening but I find the Mummy in D&D terms to be severely underwhelming in this regard.

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